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2-Feb-14 7:02am by Omar Gameel Salem (updated) 
Implementation of Connected Component Labeling.
58 mins ago by Forhad Reza (updated) 
In this tip, we will see how we can use the Rust language to do GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming. As an example program, we will create a simple Window. Using Win32 API functions.
1hr 20mins ago by Daniele Fontani (updated) 
that is the question. A comparison between these two technologies and some tips to chose the best that suits your needs.
2hrs 20mins ago by Sibeesh Passion (updated) 
In this post we will see how we can upload files or images to server using Node JS. Here we are going to use Visual Studio for our development and preceding NPM packages for our easy development. express multer body-parser We will briefly explain the use of these packages.
9hrs ago by Member 12817427 (new) 
In this article I'll show you how to hash an file or string without blocking the GUI thread using CSHash (an self-made hashing library)
11hrs 15mins ago by Qwertie (updated) 
The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Nice substitute for T4 templates, with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.
12hrs ago by Alexey Chernobaev (new) 
Date and time source interface allows to use different actual date and time sources (e.g. current system time or accelerated system time) in your C# code to simplify debugging, simulation, etc.
17hrs ago by gfazzola (new) 
In this article I will explain the implementation of an infrastructure to host and manage windows services in a practical and interactive way.As a practical example of the solution will be implemented a dynamic ip update client of DucDNS
18hrs ago by Cory Charlton (updated) 
A thread-safe implementation of the ObservableCollection class
yesterday by Arthur V. Ratz (new) 
In this article, we'll demonstrate an approach the allows to increase the performance (up to 600%) of the code that implements the conventional distribution counting algorithm (DCA) using NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 Runtime API
yesterday by Meshack Musundi (updated) 
A WPF chess application that uses the Stockfish chess engine
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Mon 12 Dec 2016
Most developers think that the work they do at work belongs to their employer, but anything they work on at home or on their own time is theirs....
Mon 12 Dec 2016
I’m excited to announce that the 3rd edition of “Effective C#” is coming out this month. Just in time for a Christmas gift for that developer on...
Mon 12 Dec 2016
NASA now is sharing its best images on official Pinterest and GIPHY accounts, providing visitors an out-of-this-world journey through animated...
Mon 12 Dec 2016
Employees have poor security practices and use completely unsecured private devices for work, putting their organizations at huge risk of...
Mon 12 Dec 2016
We frequently encounter organizations where DevOps and Continuous Integration are anathema to many within, are considered overhyped buzzwords from...

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by Manoj Jagdale
I have designed a Category form, when i click on any category image(imagebutton) then i want to retrive its(image) name.e.g. In Category form, for electronic category image name is electronics. So i want to get image name as "electronics" What I have tried:<asp:DataList ID="DataList1"...
by Member 12873835
How C# WIA Scanning with duplex property scanning and Save as TIFFScan Using ADF (automatic Document Feeder)What I have tried:I have Tying Many Code from Code Project And Other sites And Each One Is not Full activity Using Scanners Please Help
by Mika Wendelius
I'm trying to figure out if I can get data back from the server for rows that are inserted with OracleBulkCopy Class[^] I can successfully load data from client to the server but the problem is that I cannot define a mapping that would return data back to the client from the server.The...
by Member 12898130
Hello everyone. I am trying to code a website where users are able to purchase books. Everything was going great until I tried to add items to the cart. Whenever I do I get the following error: "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataKey' to type...

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by Sander Rossel  4.99/5 (34 votes)
Creating a lightweight JavaScript library that brings proper .NET-like collections and LINQ to JavaScript.
by Shamim Uddin  4.77/5 (32 votes)
In this article, we will learn basic CRUD operation using AngularJS and Web API with a sample application.
by Shashangka Shekhar  4.86/5 (21 votes)
In this article, we will learn about .NET Core Features & short overview on .NET Framework (existing). We will discuss about what changes were made/added in new environment of .NET Core.
by Igor Ladnik  5.00/5 (15 votes)
Compact software for images upload, processing to tile pyramid and subsequent Deep Zoom viewing with custom mark out and annotation.
by Daniele Fontani  4.72/5 (11 votes)
that is the question. A comparison between these two technologies and some tips to chose the best that suits your needs.

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